2008 News Archive - Holidays - Have a close encounter in Hong Kong

26 04 2007

While Hong Kong may not immediately leap to mind as a place to see exotic animals, visitors can now view some of the most interesting and beautiful animals in the world at Ocean Park.

The famous park's Animal Close Encounters display is to run until March 6th and features animals from the Arctic tundra, the exotic jungles of South America and almost every other environment of the globe.

Furthermore, the display has a host of interactive games and activities that will entertain both kids and adults for hours.

Ocean Park is only one of the many attractions of Hong Kong that have made the city a favourite with tourists for decades.

Why not take a trip over the harbour on the historic Star Ferry? Or wander the streets of the most famous red light district in the world -Wan Chai.

Hong Kong also boasts some of Asia's most opulent hotels, including the Penninsula, the Hilton and of course the Park Lane.

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