2008 News Archive - Holidays - Have a snail of a time

08 05 2007

Though eating snails is usually associated with the French, as the Snail Festival in Lleida proves, the Spanish consider the creatures a culinary treat as well.

From May 18th to the 20th the beautiful Catalonian town of Lleida celebrates the festival by importing approximately 12 tonnes of snails.

And after smothering the snails with an assortment of exotic sauces, the townspeople then proceed to make a party out of consuming them.

The festival was founded by Manolo Calpe and has been running successfully for 25 years and always proves a smash-hit with visitors.

There is always a lot of colourful dancing, singing and drinking to go along with the consuming of the snails.

Visitors should be sure to dine in the some of the many restaurants in the town, many of which are renowned for their cooking of exotic regional specialties.

Indeed, the town has been officially named as the Capital of Catalan Culture for 2007.

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