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03 09 2007

Holidaymakers may consider a foreign break as a chance to binge on food and drink as part of the enjoyment of the trip, however a healthy eating expert has advised travellers to eat sensibly.

Dietician for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Victoria Taylor has said that holidays are a difficult time to continue a diet or control existing conditions such, the BBC has reported.

She remarked to the news source that people may just be tempted to eat what they like "but a fortnight is a long time to be eating unhealthily and when you get back you have fallen out of the routine and might not get back into it".

Ms Taylor added that Brits should swot up on their local food knowledge before travelling to make sensible food choices and avoid turning to easily recognisable meals like fry-ups.

The BHF has compiled their own data on different destinations to help health-conscious holidaymakers to make informed choices when abroad.

A summer of bad weather saw some travel operators report a surge in bookings in the past two months, as sun-deprived Brits were eager to seek warmer climes.

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