2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holiday call charges set to 'fall'

25 09 2008

The cost of using a mobile phone on holiday could fall dramatically if new EU plans go ahead.

Proposals put forward by EU communications commissioner Viviane Reding recommended that European text message charges are cut to 9p, while calls should fall from 36p to 27p per minute.

Ms Reding also wants to see holidaymakers billed by the second rather than by the minute, in another move that could see holidaymakers cut their costs.

The commissioner warned mobile providers last year to reduce their charges voluntarily or face the consequences; however, it seems that efforts have not gone far enough.

Conservative MEP Giles Chichester told the Press Association: "Ideally we would like the industry to act itself to cut prices, but if it fails, the EU should be prepared to act in the interests of consumers."

In related news, Philip Jordan of Essential Travel suggested that holidaymakers save money by purchasing a local sim card when abroad.

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