2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holiday demand is 'high'

30 10 2008

Demand for holidays is still high, despite the current economic doom and gloom, it has been claimed.

According to Ascent Market Intelligence's Leisure Travel Monitor, sales of holiday packages were down just seven per cent in August of this year, compared to 2007, suggesting that the majority of Britons would rather cut down on day-to-day expenses that sacrifice their hard-earned holidays.

The slight reduction in numbers is largely down to the fact that some tour operators have reduced their capacity, rather than a lack of demand, Travel Weekly reports.

Ascent chief executive Sarah Smalley commented: "This is not the sign of an industry in a terrible state. It's a positive image when you place it in context with what's happening in the UK."

The report also found that an increasing number of holidaymakers are opting for all-inclusive packages in order to keep food and drink expenditure to a minimum.

A recent report by Abbey revealed that 15 million Brits are set to travel abroad this winter.

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