2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidaymakers advised to take out travel insurance

26 07 2007

Brits are being urged to make sure they have taken out travel insurance to cover their summer holidays this year.

Halifax Travel Insurance is urging holidaying Britons to ensure they are prepared for any eventuality while flying to their chosen foreign destination, including having an up-to-date travel insurance policy.

A spokesperson for Halifax warned that long delays and frustrations could spoil the start of a holiday that has been much anticipated.

"To cover all eventualities, we urge that people do not travel without insurance cover. Halifax Travel Insurance comprehensively covers you from the moment you take out cover until you step back into your home after your holiday," he said.

Security at British airports has been strengthened recently and passengers are being advised to arrive early for their flights. Yesterday the government reminded passengers that they could ensure a smoother journey by arriving in good time at airports.

Last August ten million passengers passed through British airports.

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