2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidaymakers "are savvy"

17 04 2008

Holidaymakers are becoming more and more "savvy" to fluctuations in the exchange rates, it has been reported.

The director of Travellex, John Nicholas, stated that people hoping to make their money go further are increasingly looking outside the "traditional" eurozone holiday region this summer.

A tip he offered for Brits who have already booked their holidays to countries using the euro as currency such as Spain and France, were advised to get the most out of their holiday spends by pre-ordering money.

"It's very difficult to predict currency so we would always recommend ... customers to prepare for their trip in advance and pre-order currency online to ensure the best rates," he added.

Travelex claims to be a "diversified" worldwide money business that offers a variety of consumer services.

Countries outside of Europe which could offer holidaymakers good returns on their sterling include South Africa, the US and Dubai.

Post Office reported in April 2008 that the sterling is up against several holiday destinations including the United Arab Emirates dirham, which is up by 11.5 per cent.

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