2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidaymakers 'can help reduce carbon footprint'

06 02 2008

Britons travelling on holiday can help to reduce their carbon footprint by even the smallest of actions, it has been reported.

According to The Travel Foundation, actions can be taken both before travelling and while on holiday to reduces holidaymakers' impact on the environment.

Such measures can include removing the packaging from products at home rather than at the hotel as resorts do not always have recycling facilities. Once on holiday, switching off heating and air conditioning when leaving hotel rooms is also among the advice given.

"Tips like this are small within themselves, but if everybody does them it adds up enormously with helping to reduce wastage and the carbon footprint of tourism in general," commented David Weston, spokesperson for The Travel Foundation.

The Co-operative Bank's Ethical Consumer Report for 2007 revealed that money spent with responsible tour operators and environmental tourist attractions has reached £121 million since 2001 - a rise of 25 per cent.

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