2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidaymakers 'cut back in tips'

27 08 2008

Holidaymakers are stretching their spending money further this year by cutting back on tips, new research has revealed.

A study carried out by the Post Office found that one in three people would not leave gratuities this year, unless they received "exceptional" service.

Over half of money conscious Britons say they will ignore "cultural expectations" and tip only when they feel the need.

The poll revealed that the UK's most generous tippers hail from Scotland, the east of England and north-west, where over half of people regularly leave gratuities.

Commenting on the findings, Helen Warburton, head of Post Office travel services, suggested that Britons familiarise themselves with the tipping culture of the destinations they plan to visit and set a small amount of money aside for gratuities.

"Familiarising yourself with the tipping culture will lessen your chance of causing offence and stop you spending money unnecessarily. Do always take some small notes and coins in the local currency just in case," she commented.

Meanwhile, a recent poll carried out by Adfero researchers revealed three-quarters of Brits plan to take a holiday this year, despite the credit crunch.

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