2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidaymakers 'do their homework'

04 11 2008

Over a third of holidaymakers say they 'do their homework' before travelling and learn about the customs and traditions of the place they are heading to.

In a survey carried out by Holiday Extras, 37 per cent of Britons said they always research their holiday destination, with 56 per cent claiming that they "occasionally" swat up before travelling.

Just seven per cent of people say they are happy to travel abroad without knowing anything about their destination.

Commenting on the figures, Mike Whiting, managing editor at Holiday Extras, said: "Each country has its own customs and traditions and a knowledge of these can enrich the holiday experience. According to the Foreign Office 'Know before you go' campaign, thousands of British travellers seriously regret not taking simple steps to check how the laws and cultures differ from our own."

In related news, a separate survey by the company revealed that beach breaks are our favourite type of holiday.

Of those polled, 59.7 per cent of people said they enjoy nothing more than lounging around by the pool.

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