2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidaymakers should 'check local advice regarding security'

14 03 2008

Travellers must take into account advice for the individual locations they are holidaying in when thinking about whether to lock their bags or not, it has been claimed.

A spokesperson for Trailfinders said that for travel to some countries, padlocking suitcases is recommended, whereas in other destinations it is discouraged.

The comment comes after AA Travel Insurance research revealed that globetrotters now carry over £1 billion worth of valuables in their rucksacks.

A spokesperson for Trailfinders said: "We generally say that you should always comply with the local authority advice within the country or destination that you're visiting."

He noted that those travelling to the US should not lock their suitcases as US officials are often strict when it comes to searching bags, whereas in South Africa it is better to keep luggage locked.

"What we generally say is to stick to local authority advice and not leave valuables in your luggage," the spokesperson concluded.

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