2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidaymakers 'should head west'

25 07 2007

British holidaymakers have been advised by Thomas Cook that now is the best time to visit America and the Caribbean.

As the exchange rate is "at an all time high" with the pound standing strong against the US dollar, the travel company are urging Brits to take advantage of the "huge gains" to be made.

A spokeswoman for the Thomas Cook commented: "For years Britons have headed to the US to take advantage of lower prices for designer clothes, electrical goods and more and now the additional savings make a trip even more worthwhile."

The recent celebrity focus on the Los Angeles - partly due to the media circus surrounding the arrival of the Beckhams - has added to the hype surrounding the country as a current popular holiday destination, she adds.

Yesterday it emerged that more Brits than ever were being influenced by holiday destinations favoured by the rich and famous, which was confirmed by Thomas Cook stating that consumers have been affected by celebrity culture in recent years.

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