2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidaymakers 'should read up'

27 03 2008

British holidaymakers travelling to places like India, Gambia, Mauritius, the Gambia or even Lapland have been given tips on how to make the most out of their visit.

According to responsibletravel.com, it is important to read up on destinations as much as possible before travelling there.

Additionally, communications manager for responsibletravel.com Kristina Pentland noted that a basic understanding of key phrases could help to deal with any issues that might arise during your stay.

Moreover, knowledge of local customs and traditions can also help travellers to feel better equipped, she claimed.

"Think local in everything that you do and your experiences will be richer. And remember, travelling with respect earns you respect," was Ms Pentland's advice.

She noted that holidaymakers should take their time in getting oriented and finding their bearings after travelling to a new place.

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