2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidays abroad are 'cheaper'

13 07 2007

Holidays in the UK are too expensive, a survey by the insurance company More Than has found.

Although 20 per cent of people polled wanted to cut down their carbon footprint, 49 per cent thought that a getaway on British soil simply costs too much money. The figures also showed that 20 per cent of people think that British hosts aren't as friendly as their foreign counterparts.

More Than's Mike Holliday-Williams, speaking to Sky News, commented: "Although we are all being encouraged to think green, our research reveals that the cost of the holidays in this country is a huge barrier."

He also stated that UK holiday operators need to work harder to encourage consumers to enjoy the British countryside.

Such research could mean holidaymakers looking for a good deal may think twice about holidaying at home.

According to the Guardian, Teletext Holidays received a record 106,000 hits on Monday, making it the busiest day of the year for the company. A spokesperson for Teletext cited the current spell of bad weather as one of the reasons why so many Brits are jetting off to seek sunnier skies.

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