2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidays are a necessity not a luxury, says analyst

11 12 2008

Brits increasingly view their holidays as a necessity rather than a luxury they can do without, according to an industry analyst.

Ian Bradley, public relations manager at the Association of Independent Tour Operators, said: "Probably the biggest annual expenditure is a holiday. It's really being viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury."

Mr Bradley predicted that holidays would continue to be a top financial priority for Brits despite the credit crunch and people would simply begin to budget better, rather than cutting out their trips abroad.

In fact he thinks that many people may see their holidays as even more important than usual in the current economic climate.

According to Mr Bradley, "people just feel the need to get away".

"They put money aside and say, I'm going to get away, no matter what, I need to escape the doom and gloom."

The results of a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers suggested that Mr Bradley's predictions may be correct, as the majority of Brits said a holiday is their top financial priority after paying off their debts.

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