2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidays are "non-negotiable"

11 08 2008

People continue to regard their annual trip overseas as "non-negotiable" despite fears over the credit crunch, claims new research.

Tom Hall, travel editor of Lonely Plant, confirmed that many Brits remain committed to affording their holidays even though household bills such as fuel prices are rising. However, many travellers may have to shop around for the best value for money and consider new destinations.

"I think people see holidays as a non-negotiable thing," explained Mr Hall.

The editor added that people are now looking outside the traditional euro zone to find resorts that offer cheaper options and "that can mean mid-haul or long-haul. I think people are aware that there is real value available there".

A recent survey from BBC News revealed a similar commitment to overseas holidays, with more than a third of Brits still planning a trip abroad no matter how difficult economic conditions become.

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