2008 News Archive - Holidays - Holidays are "precious" to Brits

13 06 2008

The annual fortnight that most Britons spend abroad is "precious" to them, it has been suggested.

According to Luxury Travel magazine, the top-end of the travel market remains unaffected by the credit crunch.

Alyson Cook, editor of Luxury Travel magazine, added that the traditional family holiday is "usually the last thing to go" in times of financial crisis.

"[People in Britain] don't have as many bank holidays as they do in Continental Europe, so that precious fortnight, if they spend it abroad, is really sacrosanct now," she added.

And according to Ms Cook, the Caribbean in particular is popular for family holidays as many destinations in this region are "child friendly" such as Antigua, Barbados and Jamaica.

Research by the International Luxury Travel Market in 2007 revealed that the global luxury travel industry now accounts for one quarter of international tourism spending.

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