2008 News Archive - Holidays - How to keep healthy on holiday

02 07 2008

The many thousands of Britons who are currently in the throws of planning their summer holiday getaways have been advised to make provisions for common ailments before travelling.

According to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, an estimated 81 per cent of travellers fall ill with minor ailments while overseas, Western Mail reports.

However, the society notes that the effects of such complaints can be reduced if holidaymakers make preparations, such as buying basic healthcare items prior to travel and ensuring they read the instructions on any foreign-bought medication carefully.

"Making a quick trip to your pharmacy to organise your family's holiday health needs can make a big difference to what kind of holiday you have by helping ensure you stay well," David Pruce, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain director of practice and quality improvement, said.

According to the society, common health problems for summer holidaying Brits can include jetlag, motion sickness, sunburn and sunstroke, upset stomachs including vomiting and diarrhoea, insect bites and prickly heat as well as hay fever and headaches.

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