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28 09 2007

Christmas shopping is a stressful experience for most people, but it could become more relaxing if they activity was combined with a trip abroad.

Instead of battling ones way through the hoards of last minute shoppers on UK high streets, a foreign expedition in November and December could be the stress-free answer to an enjoyable Christmas.

Italy could be a great place to pick up the perfect gifts for friends and family, particularly as Naples, one of the country's most famous cities, boasts its Hobby Show in late November.

Whatsonwhen notes that arts and crafts flock to this exhibition of the most unusual and freshest ideas in the world of hobbies.

It could be a great place to pick up some unique Christmas treats for loved-ones, while enjoying the superb sights this ancient city has to offer.

The Hobby Show exhibition will also be visiting Rome and Milan in coming months.

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