2008 News Archive - Holidays - Italy 'a honeymoon hot spot'

09 11 2007

Three Italian cities were included in the top five most romantic honeymoon destinations, according to a new poll.

A survey of couples undertaken by TheKnot.com found that Venice was considered a perfect place for a honeymoon, coming second only to Paris.

The city's intimately twisting street layout, famous canals and gondolas were some of the features that boosted its popularities, the poll states.

Tying for third most romantic honeymoon destination were perennial Italian favourites Rome and Florence.

Both cities are renowned as Classical and Renaissance art capitals of the world, as well as offering a dizzying array of atmospheric restaurants and wine bars.

Additionally, legend has it that lovers who place a lock on Florence's Ponte Vecchio and toss the key into the Arno River will see their romance last forever.

Recently, a spokesperson for Confetti claimed that more Britons than ever are getting married abroad.

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