2008 News Archive - Holidays - Italy is named 'best in Europe'

03 07 2008

Italy has been named the winner of the title Best European Country in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine Reader's Awards.

The boot-shaped country, famous for its piazzas and pizzas beat neighbouring France and Spain to the top spot after they placed third and forth place.

Greece came second in the poll while Switzerland, recent co-host to the European Championships, came fifth.

The magazine noted that three out of ten voters were most impressed by Italy's cuisine, such as its pasta and desserts.

"Almost everybody cites the pasta, the pizza, the gelato, the Chianti ... voters swear by Italy, adored for what one voter called its 'food, flirting and phenomenal beauty', but especially its food," the magazine revealed.

Italy's family friendly atmosphere was also lauded. Visitors travelling to Rome can enjoy sights ranging from the Colisseum to Vatcan City and the Sistine Chapel.

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