2008 News Archive - Holidays - Italy's Naviglio Grande blooms

10 04 2007

Whether a professional horticulturist or just a flower-lover, if you find yourself in Milan in April you won't want to miss the Naviglio Grande Flower Market on April 15th.

The market takes place every year in this historic city's wharf complex, which itself is almost as picturesque as the flowers that it displays.

So famous is the Naviglio Grande Flower Market, that it attracts hundreds of professional cultivators, retailers and exhibitors from every corner of the world.

And every exhibitor takes a special pride in displaying thier exotic blooms in as a creative way as possible, which makes for a flowery wonderland of colours and scents.

When the flower market is running, the entire city of Milan takes advantage, with bars, restaurants, shops and more all displaying many of the exhibitors best blooms.

Local artists also take advantage of the flocks of visitors to the city by displaying all thier best works, at quite reasonable prices.

Milan is Italy's second largest city and a centre of art and culture and boasts the famous Duomo, the second largest cathedral in the world.

Additionally, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, which contains some of Leonardo DaVinci's most famous works is also located in Milan and is well worth a visit.

Finally, Milan is the home of two of the most storied football teams in the world, fierce rivals Inter Milan and AC Milan, which share the magnificent San Siro stadium.

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