2008 News Archive - Holidays - January is 'popular month' for booking honeymoons

01 02 2008

Honeymooners wishing to bag the best deals on their post nuptial holidays tend to book early on in the year, it has been reported.

A spokesperson from hitched.co.uk commented that January is "particularly" busy as a result of special offers, packages and deals that are on the market at this time of year.

Commentator Francesca Moore also noted as Valentine's Day is a popular time of year for people to get engaged there are many deals to be had over the first weeks of the new year.

"Any time is popular to book your honeymoon, but January is particularly busy ... so to guarantee availability it's probably best to book about 11 months in advance," Ms Moore continued.

Hitched.co.uk offers a free service to couples who are getting married, offering assistance with engagements and honeymoons.

Top destinations for honeymoons include St Lucia, South Africa and Sri Lanka among others.

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