2008 News Archive - Holidays - Join the fun in Marbella

05 06 2007

Marbella is already one of Britain's most favoured holiday destinations, but on June 11th there is added reason to visit the sun-drenched city of Marbella.

This day marks the Feria de San Bernabe, the annual festival when the denizens of Marbella take to the streets of their town to celebrate their patron saint, San Bernabe.

Like most Spanish festivals, this features stunning equestrian displays, music and general revelry.

Marquees, called casetas, are set up all over the town where one can go and sample some of the best cuisine in the region.

Marbella is known for its pescaito frito, its tasty fried fish and its Parma ham.

Usually the Feria de San Bernabe doesn't stop until well past dawn, so visitors should be prepared for a long night.

Marbella is renowned around the world for being a playground of the rich and famous, once being endorsed by Sean Connery himself.

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