2008 News Archive - Holidays - Kenya 'basking in the Obama effect'

17 12 2008

Tourism in sunny Kenya is booming thanks to the 'Obama effect', according to the Earth Times.

Following Obama's victory in the US presidential election, Kenyan tourism has enjoyed a significant boost from visitors flocking to explore the president-elect's African roots.

Ongonga Achieng of the Kenya Tourist Board told the Earth Times that tour companies are constantly ringing him up to ask about establishing presidential heritage tours and many Americans are already flocking to the country where many of Obama's relatives still live.

He added: "It's not only Americans who are coming. Europeans such as the Germans, English and French are also travelling to Kenya. There is also an increase in interest from China and Japan."

Obama's father, Barack Obama Senior, hails from Kogelo, a small village in the west of the Kenya.

Kenya also offers a range of other attractions including the world famous Masai Mara nature reserve.

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