2008 News Archive - Holidays - Kenya eyes long-term future for forest tourism

21 11 2008

Tourists travelling to Kenya could enjoy an entirely different safari experience in the near future, according to Ratio Magazine.

The Kenyan magazine, which covers the economic development of East Africa, reports that the recent creation of the Kenyan Forest Service (KFS) looks set to revolutionise the experiences of wildlife tourists in the country.

Once the KFS has mapped out Kenya's forests, high-end eco-tourism companies will be asked to bid for the right to establish lodges and hotels in the forested areas.

Ratio said: "It is indeed surprising that there have always been limited eco-tourism facilities in the forests as they are among the most beautiful, bio-diverse and pristine wilderness areas in the country."

Kenyan wildlife safari tourism is currently most popular in the Masai Mara, which boasts a very different landscape.

With the opening up of the forest regions, lucky tourists to Kenya could be given the chance to see a wider diversity of species and explore different ecosystems.

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