2008 News Archive - Holidays - Kenya is opened up

22 03 2007

The exotic and beautiful country of Kenya is to become even more accessible to visitors now, with Virgin Atlantic announcing that it is to increase flights to the country by 25 per cent in the next year.

Sir Richard Branson has said that he intends to boost tourism to the country by 100,000 people per year.

Tourism minister Morris Dzoro said: "This will give a huge boost to the Kenyan tourism industry that is targeting the upper end of the tourism market."

With a year-round tropical climate, Kenya is already a popular tourism destination for Europeans eager to escape the rain and cold of their respective countries.

And Kenya has the added advantage of having an incredibly beautiful landscape and natural features, including the famous Mt Kiliminjaro.

Additionally, Kenya boasts a range of wildlife almost unrivalled by any other African nation, including the 'big five' of the leopard, elephant, rhino, lion and buffalo.

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