2008 News Archive - Holidays - Kids 'bored of in-car games'

18 10 2007

The days of entertaining youngsters in the back of a car with a well-placed bout of I-spy have long since passed, research has shown.

Potentially spelling bad news for parents thinking of a road trip to foreign countries, data from Privilege Insurance found that kids now have a boredom threshold of ten minutes.

After this they run the risk of launching into a full-blown tantrum.

Gill Murphy, a spokesperson for Privilege Insurance, commented: "Bored kids and long car journeys are not a happy mix."

The news, which could have parents across the country re-thinking their plans from summer 2008, was compounded by the 20 per cent of youngsters who said they had resorted to play fighting to pass the time on long car rides.

According to Safe Travel, it's not just kids who need to worry, with a lengthy spell behind the wheel resulting in tired eyes and an increased danger for drivers.

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