2008 News Archive - Holidays - Lake Nakuru draws tourists to Kenya

12 01 2007

Kenya is continuing to delight visitors from around the world with its spectacular Lake Najuru National Park.

According to a report in the East African Standard, annual visitor numbers since 2001 have increased by an impressive 30 per cent and the park's reputation is continuing to grow.

It is thought that 320,000 people visited the man-made park last year, many of whom will have flocked to see the thousands of flamingos nesting along the shores.

The park was created in 1961 and it is also an outstanding location for viewing giraffes and black rhinos. Lions and leopards are also on the prowl in Lake Nakuru National Park and tourists are also likely to spot the odd python handing from a tree.

But the North-Rift circuit, which includes Baringo, Marakwet, Turkana, South Nandi and North Nandi, has reportedly not attracted the kind of interest that experts had hoped in recent years.

David Gitonga, the North-Rift regional tourism officer, believes that officials are well on the way to remedying this situation and he expects the area to develop into a popular resort before long.

"With sufficient hotel accommodation, good security and improved roads, the region can realise 300,000 foreign tourists annually."

Kenya's incredible beaches are also well worth a visit and the resorts around these exceptional stretches of sand are both attractive and accommodating.

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