2008 News Archive - Holidays - Learn Tai Chi in Hong Kong

22 05 2007

Those seeking inner peace could do a lot worse than have a go at learning Tai Chi in Hong Kong.

Gravitate towards the top of Victoria Peak on Saturday mornings and you can benefit from free Tai Chi lessons from one of Hong Kong's masters – William Ng.

Mr Ng performed the slow, serene and aesthetic art of Tai Chi in front Tony Blair himself on his last visit to the former British colony.

Lessons take place on the viewing terrace of the Peak Tower rooftop, so participants have Hong Kong in all its glory laid out in front of them while they grapple with learning the ancient art.

Loosely translated as "supreme ultimate boxing", Tai Chi was originally a skill used in combat, however today it is almost exclusively used as a meditative technique.

Tai Chi is known to improve both cardio and respiratory functions in those who practice it.

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