2008 News Archive - Holidays - Let them eat cake

07 09 2007

China is a country steeped in mystical eastern traditions, which should provide any intrepid travellers with a feast of cultural differences.

Autumn may be a good time to jet-off to this far off land in search of a voyage of discovery, particularly as September 25th is a special day for the people of China.

The Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival is the equivalent of the Harvest Moon Festival held in the west at this time of year, Whatsonwhen reports.

Taking place in the former British colony Hong Kong, a taste of the Orient is sure to be found as the celebrations are a reminder of the 14th century Mongols.

Moon cakes are eaten by everyone celebrating the event, while colourful paper lanterns sold in the shops during the feast could provide an excellent souvenir of a holiday with a difference.

This September also sees the return of the biennial martial arts festival held at the infamous Shaolin Temple.

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