2008 News Archive - Holidays - Let's go fly a kite!

28 09 2007

Visitors to Fuerteventura should be delighted to find out that they will be able to witness on of the year's most colourful and spectacular visual treats.

The Kite Festival is taking place on this Spanish island in November, Whatsonwhen notes.

Children are likely to be in awe of the fantastical shapes that take to the skies and whizz through the air in all manner of stunts and acrobatics, as the kites are controlled by the top flyers in the sport.

What's more kites are handed out to kids on the last day of the festivities to help encourage them to learn about this graceful and difficult skill.

Furthermore, the publication notes that a kite battle will captivate audiences as the top flyers battle it out in the sky to fell their opponent.

Fuertaventura is a Spanish island and is the second largest of the Canaries, located off the coast of Africa.

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