2008 News Archive - Holidays - Life in Spain 'better than in the UK'

20 12 2006

New research has shed light on the popularity of Spain as a holiday destination, with expatriates from around the world praising the quality of life in the country.

Seven in ten of those who have expatriated to Spain told Bupa that life has become better since moving to the Mediterranean country. An overwhelming 90 per cent simply said that they were enjoying life in Spain, which compares to less than half of those in the UK.

Indeed, just 12 per cent of expatriates in the UK reported that their quality of life has improved since the move.

Furthermore, half of all of those who have left the UK believe that their life is better now they are abroad, largely because of improved weather conditions, better food and a more relaxed outlook.

Significantly, however, those who have moved away from the UK have reported that they still miss things such as Yorkshire puddings, Marks & Spencer and Marmite.

It is perhaps for this reason that most Brits reject the idea of expatriating in favour of a couple of weeks in Spain each year. Home comforts are clearly important, with 68 per cent missing family and friends, 44 per cent missing their favourite food and 32 per cent missing television programmes.

Expats from the UK have reported that they miss a good pint of beer, Match of the Day, steak and kidney pies, crumpets and BBC's Question Time.

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