2008 News Archive - Holidays - Lifetime of free travel for Portugal train baby

04 01 2007

A girl born on a train travelling through Portugal has been offered free rail travel throughout her lifetime.

Her 21-year-old mother gave birth in the train's restaurant carriage as the train sped from Lisbon and Porto, two of the country's busiest and most popular cities.

Having originally received assistance from a kitchen worker and the ticket collector, the woman was eventually looked after by a qualified male nurse who responded to a message delivered to passengers through the intercom.

The train came to a stop at the first possible opportunity and mother and baby were both escorted to hospital. Both are said to be doing well and Mariana can apparently look forward to many more train journeys during the course of her lifetime.

Porto and Lisbon are both hugely popular with British tourists, not least because of their breathtaking medieval quarters.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is particularly notable for its charming cobbled streets, stunning architecture and outstanding shopping districts.

The Baixa district is particularly good for shopping and tends to be the place that tourists head to when looking for their souvenirs.

Lisbon is also just a few kilometres from the coast, where visitors can find the resorts of Tamariz Beach, Estoril and Cascais.

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