2008 News Archive - Holidays - Limited overs but lots of lilac

23 11 2007

Visitors to the historic city of Pretoria in South Africa who like their sport can enjoy the bright lights in the suburb of Centurion when the South Africa and West Indies cricket teams play a limited-overs match at Supersport Park on January 20th 2008.

The atmosphere will be cranked up to fever pitch with plenty of music, a bustling crowd and the odd Braai (barbecue) sizzling away in the background, while out on the field the players in their coloured clothing do battle, with the white ball set to fly around under the floodlights as the scoring rattles along.

While sports fans can have a great time at the match, the city of Pretoria itself is fascinating for very different reasons, being both a seat of government and famous for its lilac-blossomed jacaranda trees.

Horticulturalists can also enjoy a trip to the city's botanical gardens.

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