2008 News Archive - Holidays - Lisbon hosts Water Tasting Awards

28 02 2007

For those who have previously enjoyed wine tasting events, water tasting may not seem like the most riveting of pastimes.

A trip to Lisbon next week may well change your opinion, however, as the Portuguese capital hosts the first Acqua Thermal International Water Tasting Awards.

Experts and enthusiasts from Portugal, Spain and throughout Europe will congregate on March 4th at the Cordoaria Nacional, as three chefs, two journalists and two public figures judge water in a variety of categories.

Portugal has reportedly invested billions in its water treatment infrastructure over the last few decades and it is partly on the basis of this history that the country has been chosen to host this rather unusual ceremony and exhibit.

But for those who would prefer an alcoholic beverage, Lisbon is a truly spectacular city boasting hundreds of charming eateries and cafes. Portugal enjoys a mild temperature throughout the year and there are few better cities than Lisbon when the sun is shining.

It is the Algarve that typically attracts the greatest number of tourists, however, due to its breathtaking beaches, world-class golf courses and well-established hotels and resorts.

Thanks to its location on the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve benefits from a refreshing sea breeze that ensures the blistering temperatures remain bearable.

This is also appreciated by those who enjoy a round or two of golf, although summer visitors are still advised to play in the mornings or towards the end of the day.

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