2008 News Archive - Holidays - Long-haul destinations becoming more popular, says expert

02 02 2009

A travel expert has claimed that increasing numbers of UK tourists are choosing to fly to long-haul destinations like Florida because they are becoming cheaper to reach.

Sean Tipton, a spokesperson from the Travel Association (ABTA), said that the USA, a long-haul destination, is now the third-most popular country for UK tourists to fly to.

He added: "In particular for families, Florida where there are a million British tourists a year, it is very affordable and is not that much more expensive than a short-haul flight."

Mr Tipton explained that the UK is "a very well-travelled nation" and said that people increasingly want to "try out new destinations" for a fresh holiday experience, leading to the increased popularity of long-haul travel.

Recently, the author Fay Weldon told the Telegraph that she used to choose her family's holiday destinations based on which ones would sound new and exciting when her children talked about them in the school playground afterwards. She cited Florida as an example.

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