2008 News Archive - Holidays - Longhua Temple Fair brings good luck

18 04 2007

Visitors to the bustling Chinese city of Shanghai in April will not want to miss the famous Longhua Temple Fair.

The Longua Pagoda is one of the most admired structures in China and is set among the greenness and beauty of the Longhua Park.

During the fair, dragons visit the temple and grant whatever wish one may desire, so be sure not to miss out.

As well as the dragons, the fair features hundreds of stalls around the vicinity selling a variety of delicious Chinese food.

Visitors will also be captivated the multiple stalls featuring intricate Chinese crafts.

Shanghai itself is the eighth largest city in the world and a centre of Chinese economics, culture and industry.

While there, tourists will want to visit Shanghai Art Museum, Grand Theatre, Jade Buddha Temple and the She Shan Cathedral.

One is best off visiting Shanghai during its hot summers, as during the winter it can get just as cold as the UK or anywhere in Europe.

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