2008 News Archive - Holidays - Look through the blue window

19 11 2007

For those looking to combine a bit of warm Mediterranean sun in the otherwise cold winter with some scenic sightseeing, Malta may have just the thing.

It is on the island of Gozo that a trip to see the Azure window is in order, something that can be undertaken at any time of the year but may make a particularly nice distraction from the dark, dismal and windy coastline that any sea view of Britain in the winter is likely to bring.

Instead, the Azure window offers a deep blue view through an arch worn through the rock by the erosive force of the sea over thousands of years.

Should the weather be calm, all will indeed be deeply azure, but strong crashing waves will offer the visitor an exciting glimpse of the dramatic force of nature.

The power of this force is such that the arch is predicted to collapse in the next few years, malta-info.co.uk reports, so visitors should hurry to see the window before it breaks.

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