2008 News Archive - Holidays - Low-cost breaks boost Bulgaria tourism

06 03 2007

Easier access to the beautiful country of Bulgaria is expected to further boost the number of people who visit every year, reports the Sofia Echo.

The country's National Tourism Board expects 2007 to be a bumper year for tourism, with 5.6 million visitors expected - which would be an 8.2 per cent increase on last year.

In part this boom has been attributed to the rush of investment in Bulgaria in the run up to its EU accession on January 1st this year; more hotels and better transport links have both been immediate benefits of this.

The growth in the number of hotels and tour operators offering trips to Bulgaria has helped prices come down significantly, with three star hotels offering rooms for an average of just €11 (£7.50).

Bulgaria sits just to the north of Turkey, Greece and the Aegean Sea, offering tourists a blend of the temperate Mediterranean climate and the beautiful culture and history of old Europe.

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