2008 News Archive - Holidays - Madrid's largest festival looms

14 05 2007

For those wanting to experience a true festival in Spain, the Fiesta de San Isidro in Madrid is definitely just the ticket.

Taking place from May 15th to the 21st, the festival, which honours Madrid's patron saint, San Isidro, is a whirlwind of dancing, music and bright costumes.

Spanish bands playing the traditional chotis abound, as do bands all the way from South America and of course multitudes of flamenco bands.

Visitors should also not forget to hit the city's theatres, which will be hosting both plays and concerts during the whole ten days.

There will also be multiple opportunities to sample the traditional broth, known as cocido, as well as aubergine ice cream.

This festival is also just in time for the advent of the bullfighting season, so if you have the stomach, this is a spectacle you don't want to miss.

Much of the festival centres around the Plaza Mayor, Plaza de las Vistillas and the Plaza de las Comendadoras.

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