2008 News Archive - Holidays - Major price cuts on Spanish holidays

03 01 2007

Brits have been advised that they could make considerable savings this year by taking a holiday in Spain.

Research from Co-op Travel and Travelcare has found that the Costa del Sol is only beaten by nearby Ibiza when it comes to prices this year, after the cost of holidaying in both destinations fell dramatically.

The new study examined the top 30 resorts for British families and found that the average price of a holiday will be up by 1.7 per cent during the course of the year.

In the Costa del Sol, however, Brits will be able to enjoy a holiday that is 13 per cent cheaper than last year, which compares to 14 per cent cheaper in Ibiza.

Corfu, another strong favourite with British holidaymakers, has seen the average price of a holiday fall by 11 per cent during the course of the year, exactly the same as the price cut in Tunisia's Monastir.

Varna, the third largest city in Bulgaria, will also be popular this summer, as a result of prices falling by seven per cent. Bulgaria's position has also been strengthened by EU accession which has brought welcome media attention to the country's spectacular landscape and thriving tourism industry.

Mike Greenacre from Co-op Travel and Travelcare said: "At this time of year, consumers are bombarded with advertisements as holiday companies aim to capture early bookers. For 2007, it seems there is genuine value to be had."

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