2008 News Archive - Holidays - Majorca prepares for heatwave

25 06 2008

Those going on holidays to Majorca can expect unusually high temperatures after the mercury hit 40 degrees C on Sunday in the Balearics.

Agusti Jansa, head of the Balearic Met Office told the Majorca Daily Bulletin that this summer is predicted to be one degree hotter than the normal average of 25 degrees C.

A heatwave alert was also issued, causing emergency services to keep a close watch for fast response to any incident.

Forest fire prevention teams are also on full alert.

The newspaper reported recommendations for people to cope with the heat, including those on holidays.

People are advised to wear light clothing, eat lightly and often, limit exposure to the sun and consume plenty of liquid, fruit and vegetables.

Alcohol and coffee should be avoided.

Today Majorca is humid and cloudy, with a temperature of 28 degrees C.

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