2008 News Archive - Holidays - Majorca's £79m fort of tranquillity

16 05 2008

Travellers looking for the high life in Majorca may have found their idyllic bliss - a 17th century fort on the north-west tip of the island.

The grandiose private fortress, with its colonnade of archways that frames the horizon, would be a great place for holidaymakers to visit.

However, this 232-acre site - which was built in 1628 and includes huge gardens, seven villas, a studio and two swimming pools - is actually up for sale.

It doesn't come cheap though. According to the Times, the lucky bidder will have to stump up €100 million (£79 million) for their own piece of Majorcan tranquillity.

The publication's Kasia Maciejowska wrote: "The fort itself has three storeys, with marble flooring and a fantastic top-floor reception room with panoramic views.

"It feels separate and aloof on its own promontory, but the fort has been pivotal in local history."

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that many British homeowners in Majorca are heading back to the UK due to falling property prices and the credit crunch.

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