2008 News Archive - Holidays - Make merry in Bulgaria

10 10 2007

Eastern Europe is fast becoming a popular destination with Brits, as there are a number of great sights to explore in the region.

Bulgaria would certainly provide a more unusual destination for holidaymakers, particularly during December when the natives celebrate one of their most important national days.

Whatsonwhen notes that December 4th is Saint Barbara Day in Bulgaria, guaranteeing a hive of activity around the country.

The saint of children, the day is celebrated with some unusual traditions that include kids eating beans off their knees without using their hands.

An insight into the country's cultural heritage, tourists should enjoy the feasting that takes place on this special day with traditional dishes such as stuffed dried peppers prepared by the locals.

Visiting such an interesting country before the festive season could provide the perfect opportunity to pick up a few unusual Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Bulgaria borders with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey.

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