2008 News Archive - Holidays - Maldives hotel "tops the lot"

18 12 2008

A UK travel writer has said that his honeymoon hotel in the Maldives is the best destination he has ever stayed in.

Marc Padgett travelled with his new wife and baby son to the Maldives for his honeymoon, where he stayed in the Beach House hotel.

Writing in the Independent, Mr Padgett said: "I have been lucky enough to stay in some fine places over the years, but the award-winning Beach House tops the lot."

Mr Padgett described the life of a honeymooning couple in the Maldives as one of lazing around in the lap of luxury on the islands' stunning beaches and crystal clear waters.

He added: "If that sounds like paradise, for foodies it tastes like heaven."

The Maldives have long enjoyed a reputation a haven for honeymooning couples but according to Mr Padgett, hotels in the Indian Ocean islands are very baby friendly as well.

Recently, two of the islands' premiere hotel chains revealed that they are booked solid until February next year, despite the credit crunch, meaning that honeymoon sun-seekers may want to book well in advance.

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