2008 News Archive - Holidays - Maldives is "world's leading island destination"

04 12 2008

The Maldives have won the coveted title of the world's leading island destination at the World Travel Awards.

Known as "the Oscars of the travel industry", the awards were given out at a glittering ceremony in the Caribbean territory of Turks & Caicos earlier this week.

But while Caribbean islands may have hosted the awards, it was Indian Ocean islands that walked away with the best prize as the Maldives' excellence as a holiday destination was given official recognition.

The idyllic islands, with their sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, have long been popular with UK tourists and with honeymooning couples in particular.

Such is the appeal of the islands that tourists continue to flock their despite the credit crunch - earlier this week two of the Maldives' biggest hotel companies reported that their resorts and hotels are all already fully booked until February 2009.

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