2008 News Archive - Holidays - Maldives mash up

18 10 2007

People visiting the Maldives in November will find that they have more to enjoy than the usual sumptuous sights and sounds of the islands.

Local residents celebrate the day when the Republic became just that in 1968, on the rather aptly-named Republic Day taking place on November 11th.

The festivities get under way in fine style, with parades and marches up and down the land, with meetings and various other activities showing that the celebration has a serious side too, Whatsonwhen reports.

However, visitors will be far more likely to soak up some of the traditional entertainment on offer, with folk dances and songs mashed together with more modern pop music.

There will, of course, also be something on offer to tantalise those taste buds, with delicious grub for the enjoyment.

The Maldives, located south-west of Sri Lanka, has been the colonial possession of various European invaders, including the Portuguese and British empires.

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