2008 News Archive - Holidays - Malta welcomes record number of tourists

22 12 2006

Malta is currently enjoying a major resurgence, with visitor numbers soaring and experts predicting another strong year in 2007.

Officials suggest that the decision by a number of low-cost airlines to fly to the island has played a significant role in boosting the tourism industry and it is a trend that seems set to continue.

A report from Tribune Properties notes that "there are exciting times ahead for the Malta holiday industry", pointing to a huge rise in the number of people travelling to the island via cruise ship.

It seems that the recent renaissance came just in time, after many experts expressed grave concerns earlier in the year.

The turnaround has certainly been dramatic, with the Tribune Properties report speculating that the stunning island could welcome an extra 100,000 visitors next year. Property buyers are also becoming increasingly attracted to Malta, with interest coming from Italy, Scandinavia, Holland, France and Belgium.

According to the island's tourism website, Malta is also a popular choice among those getting married, thanks to all-year sunshine, crystal-clear waters and 7,000 years of heritage.

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