2008 News Archive - Holidays - Maltese White Night festival

14 08 2007

Malta is hosting a wealth of entertainment in October, which could be of interest to holidaymakers looking for an autumnal break to provide fun and frolics.

Held on October 6th, the event is called White Night or Notte Bianca and provides a plethora of entertaining acts and cultural performances from dusk until dawn.

Taking place at different venues throughout Valletta, tourists will surely be spoilt for choice as a programme of visual and performing arts combined with historic and folkloric displays will make for an unforgettable evening - and morning - of amusement and antics.

Last year, carnival acts and clowns joined theatrical groups and musicians to make the event a success for locals and visitors alike. For the youth culture in the area, young artists performed famous songs and fashionistas paraded their latest designs.

Valletta is the capital city of Malta and has an abundance of baroque buildings, one of which houses the single largest work by Caravaggio.

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